POLL: Americans Largely Believe the United States is Becoming a Police State

According to a Rasmussen poll, 72% of likely United States voters are worried that America is turning into a police state, which includes 46% who are very concerned. Only 23% of voters are not concerned. American voters have grown increasingly worried about the FBI’s influence in American politics ever since Joe Biden was installed in office in 2021.

50% of voters currently agree with the following statement, “The FBI is a danger to the freedom and security of law-abiding Americans,” which includes 28% who strongly agree. 45% disagree, which includes 26% who strongly disagree.

When asked which political party constitutes a bigger threat to basic liberties in America, 48% indicated Democrats and 41% indicated Republicans, while an additional 10% are unsure.

For their part,  76% of Republican voters believe Democrats are a bigger threat to liberty, while most 65% of Democrat voters believe Republicans are a bigger threat. Among independent voters, 43% believe Democrats constitute a bigger threat to basic freedoms in America and 35% believe Republicans are a bigger threat.

62% of Republican voters, 34% of Democratic voters, and 43% of independent voters are very concerned that the US is becoming a police state.

In a similar vein, 45% of Republican voters, 17% of Democrat voters, and 22% of independent voters strongly agree that the FBI poses a threat to the freedom and security of lawful Americans.

48% of white voters, 41% of black voters, and 60% of non-black minorities at least somewhat agree that the FBI is a threat to the liberty and security of lawful Americans. Black voters are less likely to perceive the Democrats as a larger threat to fundamental freedoms.

50% of self-identified liberal voters strongly disagree that the FBI is a threat to the freedom and security of lawful Americans. Additionally, liberals are the least worried about the country turning into a police state.

When it comes to income earners, individuals making over $200,000 annually are the group least likely to view the FBI as a threat  to freedom. Additionally, this demographic cohort is the most likely to view Republicans as a bigger danger to basic liberties in the US. 

Overall, Americans are losing confidence in the American political system. The combination of polarization and increased size of the state has turned US politics into a high stakes affair.

Many people in America currently view political disputes as existential matters where they believe they will be vanquished should their side be on the losing end of a political dispute. 

Such views of the political process do not augur well for the country’s overall stability. Ultimately, the country needs a cohesive nationalist faction in charge of the country to restore both confidence in governing institutions and prevent the country from descending into total chaos.

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