POLL: Americans Want Government To Focus On Economic Growth Over Fairness

Per a Rasmussen poll, 55% of American adults believe that economic growth is an important issue that the government should pursue. By contrast, 34% of adults believe economic fairness is more important. An additional 11% are unsure.

51% of Americans still believe it is very important that economic policies foster fairness. 60% see policies pushing economic growth as very important. 

71% of Republican voters, 58% of Democrat voters, and 54% of independent voters view policies promoting economic growth to be very important.

60% of Democrats voters, 50% of Republican voters, and 42% of independent voters indicated that it is very important that policies fostering economic fairness are very important.

67% of Republican voters, 48% of Democrat voters, and 51% of independent voters, believe that economic growth is more important. By contrast, 46% of Democrat voters, 27% of Republican voters, and 29% of independent voters believe economic fairness is important. 

On the racial front, 54% of white voters, 52% of black voters, and 58% of non-black minorities believe that the government prioritizing economic growth is more important.

As for income earners, those making between $100,000 and $200,000 annually  are most likely to indicate economic policies promoting fairness are very important.

Economic growth, in a sustainable manner mind you, should be the priority of rational governments. This is what allows for societies to prosper, while “fairness” is usually a pretext to use state force to reward unproductive people at the expense of the productive. 

The best way to secure economic growth is through the reduction of state interventions.

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