POLL: America’s Youth Are Becoming Less Patriotic 

According to a Morning Consult poll carried out in January, only 16% of America’s youth are proud to be Americans. Americans in the Generation Z cohort (born after 1997) , tend to hold the most anti-American views. 

Press TV noted that these polling figures stood in sharp contrast to the numbers the Harvard Public Opinion Project compiled after the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers. At the time, the poll found that 89% of American youth indicated that they were patriotic. 

In 2013, Millennials — Americans born in the time frame of 1981 and 1996 — manifested higher levels of patriotism. 85% of Americans stated that they  were “extremely or very” proud to be American.

“Compared with baby boomers, the net share of Gen Z adults who say they are proud to live in the United States is 57 percentage points lower,” Morning Consult observed. 

Indeed, decades of multicultural indoctrination and the infiltration of the cultural Left throughout all American institutions has created the conditions for the rise of anti-American sentiment in the US. Older generations were generally resistant to such ideas largely due to the strength of communities, the traditional family structure, and nominal conservative control of certain parts of the education system. 

However, with the Left now achieving close to hegemonic control of institutions, their ability to indoctrinate the youth has amplified to frightening levels. Gen Z is the first generation to be firmly under the cultural Left’s grip. As American institutions become increasingly wokified, future generations will become woker if these excesses are not checked. 

To be sure, the current political order isn’t much to write home about. In fact, conservatives and liberals have helped create the conditions for the country’s current descent into woke insanity. However, we cannot afford to let our country go down the tubes and be fully captured by leftist radicals who hate the Historic American Nation. 

The nationalist Right must play the long game and retake our municipalities, counties, and state level governments in addition to civil society and the private sector to mount effective resistance against the cultural Left.  It’s the only way to protect our great nation from the woke iconoclasm that the Left has in store for the country once they are fully in power.

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