POLL: Are Americans Beginning to Lose Interest in Ukraine?

Over a year after Russia invaded Ukraine, half of United States voters believe the Russo-Ukrainian conflict has negatively impacted the US’s national security and want the US to reach a negotiated peace.

According to a Rasmussen poll, 50% of likely US voters believe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has worsened America’s national security situation, whereas 28% believe it has not made a difference on US national security interests.

45% of voters believe American interests would be enhanced if Ukraine continues to fight until the Russian invasion is completely repelled, whereas 41% believe it would be preferable if Ukraine reaches a negotiated settlement with Russia. 

An additional 14% are unsure. 52% of Democrat voters, 40% of Republican voters, or 42% of independent voters currently believe American interests would be best served if Ukraine keeps fighting until Russia is defeated. 48% of Republican voters, 38% of Democrat voters, and 37% of independent voters think a negotiated peace would be better for U.S. interests.

65% of Republican voters, 36% of Democrat voters and 51% of independent voters believe that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made America’s national security environment worse. 26% of Democrats think the Russian invasion has made the US national security better, but only 8% of Republicans and independent voters agree. 31% of Democrat voters, 22% of Republican voters, and 32% of independent voters indicated Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has not made much difference on America’s national security.

The Fake News media has warped people’s minds on foreign policy issues. Russia is not a threat to the US. It’s just another great power exercising its geopolitical interests at a time when the Collective West believes it’s the only entity that can make moves on the international stage. 

At some point, the US will need to reassess its foreign policy. The world of multipolarity will be rough as new actors will emerge to challenge Western hegemony. Some countries will even use extreme force to make a point. The US should not try to find out how these countries will respond.

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