POLL: Biden Regime Faces Growing Unpopularity

According to a Washington Post-ABC poll, President Joe Biden has struggled to maintain a high approval rating with the American public, which has grown skeptical with his regime’s governing performance. 

Among the issues that worry American voters, is the US government’s perceived profligacy with respect to its deployment of economic and military aid to Ukraine in its battle to stave off Russia’s offensive. On top of that, there are real concerns about Biden’s age and his ability to govern for a second term. 

The Washington Post-ABC poll has Biden behind former President Donald Trump by 10% at this juncture of the election cycle. Trump is favored by registered voters by a 52%-42% margin. That said, there are other polls that demonstrate how the general election is in a much more competitive state. Trump is in a relatively strong political position at the moment despite staring down the barrel of multiple criminal charges

54% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters favor Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stands in second place at 15%. No other Republican enjoys double digit support. 

Biden’s overall approval rating is hovering at 37%. However, the Post-ABC poll discovered that 56% of Americans disapproved of Biden. 

When it came to people’s views of whether Trump handled the task of serving as president well, 48% said that they approve and 49% indicated that they disapprove. 

With growing inflation becoming an economic fixture of the Biden regime, Biden has received lousy economic marks. Biden’s economic approval on the handling of the economy has fallen to 30%.

In addition, nearly 3 in 4 Americans indicated that the country’s economic state is not so good or poor. Moreover, 57% rate the country’s economic state negatively. Gas and broader energy prices had 87% rating them not so good or poor, which have recently increased again. In a similar vein,  91% gave it the same rating.

Three in 4 of those surveyed also have a negative view of the state of the average American’s income. When asked whether they were better off financially than when Biden was installed in office, 44% indicated that they were not as well off. By contrast, 15% indicated they were better off.

One of the hallmarks of the Biden regime has been its bungled handling of the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border, 23% indicated that they approve whereas 62% indicated that they disapprove. 

Curiously, Americans are growing tired of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, especially the US’s constant provision of military and economic aid to a beleaguered Ukraine.

According to the poll, 41% indicated that the US government is doing too much to assist Ukraine. 31% stated that the US government is providing the right amount of aid, while 18% indicated that it is too little. 

All in all, the Biden regime is on the ropes. Americans have grown tired of its political antics and are looking for some form of change. Open borders, rising crime, and mass inflation will undoubtedly make a population restless. 

Hopefully, Trump can oust Biden in 2024. More importantly, he should actually strive to carry out his America First agenda after he is elected. It’s the only way the US can bounce back and remain the most prosperous civilization in human history. 

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