Biden Administration’s Approval is Taking a Beating

The Biden administration’s approval rating is taking a beating and continues to flounder as voters have lost confidence in its ability to govern – whether it comes to securing the border or containing inflation.

A Quinnipiac poll released on April 6, 2022 highlighted Biden’s high levels of disapproval. Populist right-wing journalist Ryan Girdusky detailed the key findings of the Quinnipiac poll:

(Quinnipiac poll) Do you approve/disapprove of Biden?

Overall: 38/53

GOP: 5/93

Dem: 83/11

Indie: 30/58

Men: 32/59

Women: 43/48

Whites w/ college: 47/48

Whites w/o college: 27/66

White men: 30/64

White women: 39/55

Whites: 35/59

Black: 58/28

Hispanics: 34/52


(image: Biden Administration’s Approval is Taking a Beating)

For the US House race, it appears that Biden is in trouble. Of particular note, Hispanics appear to be split in terms of their support of Democrats and Republicans. Girdusky noted the following:

If the election for the US House was today would you vote GOP/Dem?

Voters: 47/43

GOP: 94/3

Dem: 3/94

Indie: 42/36

Men: 49/35

Women: 40/50

Whites w/ college: 43/50

Whites w/o college: 61/30

White men: 59/32

White women: 50/42

Whites: 54/38

Black: 8/73

Hispanics: 42/43


Overall, it looks like Republicans are poised to make big gains in the 2022 midterms. The Biden administration’s mishandling of the economy, foreign policy, and immigration will contribute to Democrat’s inevitable thumping later this year.

However, populists should make the most out of the primaries and elect real right-wing populists. It’s not enough to elect politicians with an “R” beside their name.


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