POLL: Donald Trump Is the #1 Choice for Nearly 60% of Republican Voters

According to a poll recently published by the Wall Street Journal, former President Donald Trump still maintains a firm lead for the Republican presidential nomination. In addition, Republican primary voters overwhelmingly believe his four criminal prosecutions have dubious merits and nearly half indicated that the indictments motivate their support for him.

Per the WSJ poll, 59% of Republican voters view Trump as their top choice for the GOP nomination in 2024. Previously viewed as Trump’s most credible challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis only enjoys 13% support among GOP primary voters at second place in the poll. 

One thing the poll detailed is that criminal prosecutions, that in previous eras might have torpedoed a candidate’s election bid, have actually strengthened Trump at the polls. Two of Trump’s indictments consist of his efforts to stay in office after his loss in the 2020 presidential election, which rife with many alleged causes of irregularities and fraud. 

When questioned about Trump’s indictments, over 60% of Republican primary voters indicated that each of these indictments were political in nature and had zero merit. 78% of these voters believed Trump’s actions following the 2020 election constituted legitimate attempts to guarantee an accurate vote, whereas 16% indicated that Trump had illegally attempted to block Congress from certifying the election. 

48% of GOP primary voters indicated that the indictments had made them more likely to pull the lever for Trump in 2024.By contrast, 16% of these voters stated that the indictments made them less likely to back him for a second term. 

Indeed, the GOP is Trump’s party. Neocons and other members of the Republican establishment can whine all they want but this is a harsh reality they must come to grips with. 

If the GOP is to remain relevant in an era where Democrats are using mass migration and the administrative state to dispossess White Americans, its leaders must fully get behind Trump. Despite his flaws, Trump is the national populist politician whose platform can open the door for future nationalist candidates to implement their agenda of immigration restriction, economic nationalism, and foreign policy realism. 

The days of neoconservativism and warmed over Reaganism are over. Enter right-wing populism. 

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