POLL: Florida is the Most Desirable State to Live In 

According to a Rasmussen poll released on August 4, 2022, Florida was rated the most desirable state to live in. 

In this poll, Americans indicated that they preferred living in rural areas or small towns.

In this recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 18% of American adults prefer to live in Florida if they had the chance to move to any other state they desired. 

11% preferred California and 10% chose New York. Only 6% indicated that they preferred living in Pennsylvania and only 4% chose Illinois. 

Despite experiencing a notable exodus of residents over the past few decades, 55% of Californians indicated that they would still prefer to live their above other states. 

59% of Floridians indicated that they would stay put in Florida even if they had the opportunity to live in another state.

19% of adults indicated that they live in urban areas, whereas 38% reside in suburban areas. Another 22% live in small towns and 18% are residing in rural areas. Almost half of Americans would prefer to live in small towns (26%) or rural areas (22%) if they had the chance to live anywhere they wanted to. 

If they were given the chance to move, 31% of Pennsylvanians, 20% of Illinois residents, and 16% of New Yorkers signaled their desire to relocate to Florida. 

Should they be given the choice to move to any state, 26% of Republicans would prefer moving to Florida, in addition to 14% of Democrats and 15% of independent voters. 14% of Democrats prefer moving to California, but only 9% of Republicans and 11% of independent voters expressed similar preferences.16% of Democrats signaled their preference to live in New York. By contrast, 5% of Republicans and 8% of independent voters would prefer to move to New York. 

Rasmussen noted the racial dimension of the moving preferences below: 

Florida is the preferred state of 24% of blacks, 15% of whites and 21% of other minorities. Given the choice, 10% of whites and blacks and 15% of other minorities would move to California. Only eight percent (8%) of whites, but 13% of blacks and other minorities, would rather live in New York.

As for incomes, Americans making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually have the strongest desire to move to Florida. For individuals making over $200,000 a year, the preferred states are Florida (19%), New York (18%) and California (17%).

Florida’s desirability is no coincidence. Thanks to Ron DeSantis’ bold leadership, who kept Florida largely open during the Wuhan virus pandemic, Florida has become a bastion of freedom in a country that is increasingly becoming statist. On top of that, Florida has no income tax and has relatively affordable housing compared to the rest of the nation. This has made it a popular destination for business and everyday working families alike. 

As long as DeSantis and his successor keep Florida business-friendly and promote the rule of law, Florida will continue to be a desirable living option for many Americans. 

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