POLL: Hispanics Are Rejecting the Biden Regime

60% of Hispanic Americans disapprove of the Biden regime’s performance. This comes at a time when the southern border is imploding, baby formula is growing scarce, inflation is soaring, and the nation is going through an energy crunch.

Only 26% of Hispanics approve and 13% said they did not know or had no opinion about the Biden regime’s performance according to a finding in a Quinnipiac University poll that was released on May 18. 

According to a similar survey published in 2021, 55% of Hispanic voters approved of Biden’s performance, whereas only 29% disapproved. Per findings by Pew Research, Hispanics represent 13% of the eligible voter population. 

The Quinnipiac poll indicated that Hispanics are drifting more towards the Republican Party in recent years. Nearly half of Hispanic registered voters indicated that they would like the GOP to take back the Senate, whereas 36% said they hope Democrats maintain control of the Senate.   

In addition, 48% of Hispanic voters indicated that they want the House of Representatives in Republican hands. 

Only one-third of Hispanic voters want Democrats to take back power.

Rita Li of Epoch Times similarly noted that an April poll conducted by the Convention of States Action and Trafalgar Group showed that the majority of US voters believe that the federal government should shut down the southern border until immigration policy is sorted out. This majority bloc of US voters includes about two-thirds of Hispanic voters who are in favor of closing the southern border.

These findings come during a time when the Biden regime has presided over rising crime, surging inflation, and a collapsing border. 

National populists are learning that at the margins Hispanics can be drawn to the Republican fold by talking about populist issues. All of this can be done without having to Hispander or call for globalist policies such as open borders. We must remember that Hispanic political figures such as Cesar Chavez — a known immigration restrictionist — are still respected among Hispanic voters

Obviously, the white working class should be the priority target for right-wing populists. However, any gains that are made with Hispanics are more than welcome. Taking muscular stances on border security and law & order is one way to woo Hispanics who are disenchanted with Democratic policies. 

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