POLL: Idaho Voters Desire Less Immigration and Slower Growth

Since 1990, Idaho’s population has roughly doubled. This has caused Idaho residents to become more sympathetic towards policies that limit growth and restrict immigration.   

Per a poll conducted by both Rasmussen and NumbersUSA, only 5% of likely Idaho voters want the state’s population to continue growing at a brisk rate. By contrast, 47% of Idaho voters want the population to grow at a slower rate. 

23% of Idaho voters want Idaho’s population to stay roughly the same size and 23% want the state’s population to decrease. 

56% of Idaho voters want local and state governments in Idaho to make it harder for people to move to Idaho from other states by imposing development restrictions, whereas 54% are in favor of reducing immigration.

If these recent trends hold, demographers estimate that Idaho’s 2023 population of 1.9 million will reach roughly 2.7 million by 2060 and will continue to increase. 67% of Idaho voters believe the prospect of adding an additional 800,000 residents in the upcoming decades to be more negative. By contrast, only 21% found it to be more positive. 12% are unsure.

The United States federal government adds approximately one million legal permanent immigrants to the nation on an annual basis. 16% of Idaho voters desire an increase of legal immigration to over a million annually, whereas 21% support keeping the current level of immigration. 

That said, 47% of Idaho voters want to slash annual legal immigration to 500,000 or less, which includes 28% who believe this figure should be 100,000 or less. On top of that, 17% of Idaho voters are unsure.

77% of Idaho voters believe that maintaining this level of population growth for years on end would worsen living conditions in Idaho. Only 7% believe continuing growth would improve living conditions in Idaho, whereas 12% indicated that it would not make much of a difference.

In a similar vein, 69% of Idaho voters believe that the government should implement an E-Verify system so that all employers end up hiring only legal workers for American jobs. Just 16% of Idaho voters are against making E-Verify mandatory for all employers to use. 

Idaho is one of the most conservative states in the union. It also serves as a refuge for conservatives living in blue states. However, the state’s promising living standards and sane politics could be jeopardized if immigration is not controlled and woke corporations are not put in their place. 

This is why making immigration restriction and economic nationalism has to be an integral part of an America First conservative agenda.

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