POLL: Increasing Number of Americans Prefer Diplomacy with Rival Nations

According to a recent survey published by the Eurasia Group Foundation, a growing number of Americans prefer that policymakers pursue negotiations with rival countries. 

Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman of the Libertarian Institute noted that about 80% of the people surveyed support the concept of the White House furthering nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Approximately twice as many Americans indicated that they want additional talks compared to those calling for more hawkish actions against adversarial nations. 

Despite the media’s description of the Biden regime as being “the adults in the room”, it has totally mismanaged foreign policy. US relations with China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia have grown increasingly tense during the Biden regime as it has embraced a Manichean democracy vs. autocracy foreign policy framing that immediately puts it on hostile footing with many nations.

While the US ruling class is monolithically interventionist, the American public has grown more skeptical of interventionism abroad and are becoming more receptive towards diplomacy as a way to solve these problems. 

This poll has also demonstrated a year-over-year increase in Americans’ willingness to pursue diplomacy over hawkish saber-rattling against nations DC holds in contempt. 

In addition, the poll discovered that there was resounding support for negotiating with Iran. 

When respondents were asked, “Do you think the US should continue to pursue negotiations to prevent Iran from obtaining or developing a nuclear weapon in the near future?” 79% of Americans said yes, including north of 70% of Republicans. 

Despite campaigning on re-entering the Iran nuclear deal, Joe Biden appears to be continuing tithe neocon policing of maintaining stiff sanctions and internationally isolating it on the world stage. 

On top of that, the Biden regime has done little to de-escalate tensions during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Overall, the Biden regime is very much following the elite-driven interventionist consensus that has engulfed DC for the past 50 years. 

It will truly take a proper America First nationalist movement to restore order in America and bring it back to its humble foreign policy roots. 


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