POLL: Increasing Numbers of Americans Support Gun Control

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 52% of likely United States voters believe the US needs to implement tighter gun control laws. 41% of voters disagree with the need to enact tighter gun control measures .  

53% of voters believe there should be a prohibition on the purchase of semi-automatic and so-called “assault” weapons, whereas 39% are against such a ban. 

Of the majority of US homicides committed with guns, handguns are the most frequently used weapon, per data from the FBI. That said, only 16% of voters believe there should be a total prohibition on handguns in the US, whereas 75% are against banning handguns.

72% of Democrat voters believe the US needs stricter gun control laws, a belief that only 32% of Republican voters, and 47% of independent voters share.

77% of Democrat voters, 29% of Republican voters, and 50% of independent voters are in favor of a prohibition on the purchase of semi-automatic and assault weapons. That said,  88% of Republican voters, 59% of Democrat voters, and 82% of independent voters oppose a handgun ban.

50% of white voters, 53% of black voters, and 58% of non-black minorities believe the US needs more stringent gun control laws.

As far as income categories are concerned, voters making less than $50,000 annually are most opposed to tighter gun control laws.

67% of government employees, 57% of private sector workers, and 46% of retirees believe the US needs tighter gun control laws.

While the right to bear arms is largely respected by broad swathes of Americans, Gun Control Inc has been able to successfully infiltrate the school system – from elementary schools to higher education – to the media apparatus, which has resulted in the mass brainwashing of the American populace. 

Such brainwashing helps the gun control crowd be able to disseminate its wacky ideas.

The good news is that alternative media has emerged as a credible challenger to this disinformation. Nevertheless, eternal vigilance and commitment to building alternative media is necessary for pro-gun ideas to win out in the long-term. No one said that this fight would be easy.

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