POLL: Increasing Numbers of Americans Want Less Immigration 

Growing numbers of Americans want immigration levels to be reduced. A new poll conducted by Politico/Harvard demonstrated that 41% of Americans want immigration to be lowered. 

This represented a noticeable increase from June 2021, a time when 31% of respondents told Gallup they supported measures to reduce immigration. 

Only 24% support increasing immigration, which is a noticeable decline from the 33% recorded in the June 2021 Gallup survey. 

As Neil Munro of Breitbart News noted, approximately 1 million legal immigrants are allowed to enter the country on an annual basis. Munro added that the “inflow is boosted by the arrival of roughly 500,000 temporary white-collar workers, roughly 500,000 blue-collar contractor workers, and the huge inflow of roughly 1 million migrants across President Joe Biden’s southern border.” 

In sum, the Biden regime imported at least 2.5 million foreign in the calendar year of 2021. This came during a time when many American workers have been economically displaced by Wuhan virus lockdown policies and other shutdowns. Adding an increased flow of migrants would only compound the economic problems young American workers will face. 

Furthermore, the Politico/Harvard poll demonstrated that the issue of immigration is becoming more polarized on a partisan basis. According to the Politico/Harvard poll, Republicans support restricting immigration with 67% indicating so. On the other hand, 24% of GOP voters support increasing immigration. 

By contrast, 39% of Democrats want increased immigration, while only 16% of Democrats want reduced immigration. 45% of Democrats are in favor of the current level of migration. 

If insurgent Republican candidates want to pull off upsets against flaccid GOP incumbents, they should campaign strongly on an pro-immigration restriction platform. That’s what the Republican base is clamoring for and it’s the primary policy that will halt the demographic destruction that the globalist ruling class is trying to subject the Historic American Nation to. 

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