POLL: Joe Biden’s Support with Hispanics is Hitting Rock Bottom

Biden’s Support with Hispanics is Hitting Bottom-The Biden regime finds itself in an increasingly precarious political situation, as its approval among the American populace collapses. 

One particular group which has manifested great disapproval towards the Biden regime is the average Hispanic voter.

According to the findings from a Quinnipiac poll that was conducted between April 7 and April 11, 31% of whites approve of the way the Biden administration is running the country. 59% of them disapprove. 

63% of blacks approve of Biden’s performance, while 25% disapprove.

More shockingly, 26% of Hispanics approve of the Biden regime’s performance. 54% of Hispanics disapproved of Biden’s performance.

Hispanic conservative communications strategist Giancarlo Sopo tweeted, “The latest Quinnipiac poll finds Joe Biden with a 26% approval rating among Hispanics — lower than his rating among whites. Even if you think it’s off 10 points, it is a nightmare scenario for Democrats.

Biden’s Support with Hispanics is Hitting Bottom

Hispanics are gradually drifting away from the Democratic Party largely due to the party’s obsession with social degeneracy, open borders, and wokism. Contrary to popular belief, Hispanics have populist inclinations and can’t relate to the agenda of coastal elites who promote open borders, social deviance, and soft-on-crime policies.

Right-wing populism not Hispand-ering will bring more Hispanics to the Republican fold. National populists must understand this when they deal with Hispanic constituencies. South Texas Hispanics, who have had to deal with the pitfalls of mass migration, have shown the party that immigration restriction is not an issue that turns away Hispanics. 

Regardless, populists should still focus on consolidating their gains with the white working class — the primary constituency of the re-aligned Republican Party. Once that is done, then Republicans can focus resources on populist-inclined Hispanics. 


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