POLL: Less than Half of Americans Want Tougher Gun Control Laws

According to a new Gallup Poll, Americans are not as keen on passing gun control as the corporate media would have many believe. 

Gallup surveyed 1023 American adults on how satisfied they were with the current gun laws. The pollster found that 56% of Americans felt dissatisfied with the existing gun laws, while 42% approved of the current measures.

Of those unsatisfied with current gun policy, 41% desire stricter gun control policies, while 8% want fewer restrictions. Only 7% want the existing laws to stay in place. Public opinion towards passing gun control has witnessed a notable decline over the last two years. Back in 2018, for example, only 46% of Americans wanted to pass more gun control.

Lone Star Gun Rights astutely observed the way Gallup used a misleading title to confuse would be readers:

Unsurprisingly, Gallup uses a cryptic title, “Americans Remain Largely Dissatisfied With U.S. Gun Laws” to imply that more Americans want more gun control. The mainstream media and gun control activists will pick on this survey headline and exploit the survey in marketing gun control.

“Given that dissatisfaction with gun laws is primarily seen among Democrats, it follows that people who are dissatisfied prefer stricter rather than more lenient laws,” the authors of the report assert.

With regards to partisan support of current gun laws, 69% of Republicans expressed their satisfaction with existing law. By contrast, only 22% of Democrats held similar views. Democrats have become increasingly anti-gun over time. In 2012, 40% of Democrats were in favor of the current firearms policy framework. 

President Joe Biden, a long-time proponent of federal gun control measures, recently met up with civilian disarmament groups such as Moms Demand Action per a report by BLP.

Democrats will try to sneak gun control in, but with the right amount of pressure on Democrats in swing states, any effort by the Biden administration will likely implode.

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