POLL: Majority of Americans Back Stopping the Flow of United States Weapons to Israel

According to a poll carried out by the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) think tank, 52% of American voters want the Biden regime to stop shipping arms to Israel. 

“Fifty-two percent of Americans agree that the US government should halt weapons shipments to Israel until Israel stops its attacks on Gaza,” the think tank proclaimed in a statement, alluding to a new YouGov poll it presided over.

Similarly, 62% of respondents who pulled the lever for Biden in the 2020 presidential election called on the federal government to stop armament support to Israel until the brutal punitive campaign in Gaza ends. 

The poll’s statement was “The US should stop weapons shipments to Israel until Israel discontinues its attacks on the people of Gaza”, of which only 14% of Biden voters are in disagreement with.

“By contrast, only 30 percent of Trump voters support halting US weapons shipments, while a majority (55 percent) oppose, and another 15 percent say they are unsure,” CEPR continued.

According to Press TV, Israel has slaughtered over 30,600 Palestinians and wounded roughly 72,000 in Gaza since October 7, 2023. 

On that day, Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an attack on Israel proper, which prompted the Israeli government to launch a punitive military campaign against Gaza. 

In the last 5 months, approximately 85% of the Gaza population has been subject to internal displacement, owing to sharp shortages of food, medicine, and water. 

The US government has slavishly sent military aid to Israel to carry out its brutal military campaign against Gaza. With the military campaign in Gaza looking like a quagmire and a potential conflict in Israel’s northern border with Lebanon kicking off, there’s increased speculation that this conflict could expand into a regional conflict that could pit Israel against Hezbollah and its patron Iran.

In light of these developments, the US should steer clear of getting involved in the Israel-Hamas conflict. It serves no pressing national interest and could transform into a broader regional war that would threaten geopolitical stability. 

Sadly, the US political system is thoroughly dominated by Zionist interest groups, which makes any move towards a restrained foreign policy a virtual impossibility at this juncture.

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