POLL: Majority of Americans Believe Democracy is Not Working Well

According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, only 10% of American adults believe democracy is working “very well” or “extremely” well. Overall, 52% of adults indicated that democracy is not working well. 

In addition, the poll revealed that about 70% are somewhat or very dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in the United States.

Press TV noted that American adults are not pleased with the current state of politics in the country, 60% indicated they were somewhat or very pessimistic about the present political climate. By contrast, 15% said they were somewhat or very optimistic about political affairs in the country.

Both of the country’s prominent parties did not poll well. Only 42% stated that they viewed the Democratic party somewhat or very favorably. Similarly, Republicans had subpar favorability views at only 32%. 

These numbers show that Americans are growing more disillusioned with the current political system. And for good reason. For the past century, the US has implemented the proverbial “Great Leap Forwards” in the form of establishing the Federal Reserve, the administrative state, and opening the floodgates to Third World mass migration. And that’s only scratching the surface. 

As the country’s social fabric continues withering away and people’s living standards decline, Americans will continue to lose confidence in the political system. At some point, this could result in full-blown political unrest and even extra-political violence. 

This nightmare scenario can still be prevented. However, it will require the ascendance of serious political movements such as America First in order for real change to occur.  Kicking the can down the road will only result in a political cataclysm that will end with the disappearance of the Historic American Nation.

The stakes are that high at this juncture.

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