POLL: Majority of Americans Oppose Assault Weapons Ban

Per an ABC News/Washington Post poll released on February 6, 2023, 51% of Americans are against the enactment of a national “assault weapons” prohibition. This represents a 10% increase from the last time this poll was conducted back in 2019.

Only 47% indicated they back an assault weapons ban. According to The Reload, this figure “represents the second-lowest level of support measured since the poll began in 1995.”

There is clearly not a strong desire among the American public for the government to pass an assault weapons ban. Nevertheless, the Biden regime wants to make this a policy priority and has routinely pushed for Congress to pass a prohibition in the wake of every mass shooting.

Pollster David Langer observed that the fall in support for an “assault weapons” ban was “broadly based across groups” but only offered vague speculation as to why anti-gun control sentiments are growing.

“It would take a study focused in more detail on the issue to assess its reasons, but other studies provide clues,” he declared in a statement. “In a Pew Research Center poll last year, the public divided on whether or not making it harder to get guns would reduce mass shootings.”

Indeed, Gun Control Inc. still has a major fight on its hands when it comes to passing gun control. Americans still have strong pro-gun instincts and will not easily give up their traditional pro-gun freedoms. Populists can take advantage of this to mount effective campaigns against the Left. The gun issue remains incredibly popular and has enthusiastic support among broad swathes of the population. 

Tapping into this base will allow nationalists to become politically relevant in no time. Moreover, such momentum can be used to roll back the gun control regulatory state. 

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