POLL: Majority of Americans Support INCREASING Funding to their Local Police

New polling from TechnoMetrica suggests that the ‘defund police’ proposition advanced by left-wing rioters and protests is widely unpopular with the general public. The nation poll revealed that the public supports that exact opposite; increasing funding to their local police or sheriff’s department.

The polling showed that only around a minuscule figure of 11% of Americans support decreasing funding to their law enforcement agency. A solid 53% of Americans support increasing funding, and 26% support keeping funding levels as they’re currently maintained. Polls regarding funding for federal law enforcement were similar.

Leftists and the cultural elite have aggressively advanced a ‘defund police’ agenda as the nation is swept into the frenzy of race riots following the death of George Floyd. It looks more than likely that they’ve jumped the gun, swarming to support a policy proposition that is widely unpopular with the public and will likely be met with fierce political resistance should they move upon it.

More polling, such as a survey from Rasmussen Reports, suggests a similar wide majority of 59% of Americans oppose the notion of defunding the police.

The rioters and leftists are swept into a moment of political fanaticism, seeing the conservative and right-wing opposition rendered largely silence through the timidity of ineffective leaders and an unwillingness to defend the moral high ground from mass mobs of looters and ANTIFA criminals. But mass protest movements have been met with significant political backlash before, and it’s likely that many of the Americans incensed at the widespread destruction of urban communities will emerge from the political sidelines within the coming months and weeks as the intense fanaticism of the protest and riot movement declines in intensity.

If Republicans aren’t able to tap into the widespread sentiment against real-life plans to abolish local police, the political party is truly useless and impotent.

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