POLL: Majority of Americans Want to Remain Neutral In Israel-Hamas War

A poll conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs found that the majority of Americans want the United States government to stay neutral in the Hamas-Israel conflict in Gaza.

Per the data, 56% of individuals  polled would prefer the US not take either side in the current Middle Eastern conflict, whereas 31% want the US to support Israel and 11% want their government to back Palestinians.

When it comes to partisan alignment, 41% of Republican voters prefer the US government to side with Israel, whereas only 19% of Democrats indicated the same position. Support for the Palestinians is still comparatively low, with 18% of Democrat voters and 2% of Republicans voters preferring that the US government side with the Palestinian cause. ‘

When it comes to military aid to Israel, 52% of voters support restricting military aid to Israel. On a partisan basis, 64% of Democrat voters and 40% of voters back imposing restrictions on Israel.  

Curiously, support for restricting military aid to Israel was 32% in 2021, which shows that even Republicans are not as enthusiastic about supporting Israel in military aid terms. 

There’s clearly a growing sentiment for non-interventionist moves in foreign policy among the American people. However, the political class is still in the thrall of pro-Israeli interests and loves intervening everywhere. 

A regime change in the US government is desperately needed. 

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