POLL: Majority of Australians Want Immigration Restriction

According to a new poll by Resolve Strategic, a majority of Australians want to restrict immigration. These new findings reveal stronger anti-mass migration sentiments among the Australian populace, during a time when the Daily Mail reports that “200,000 foreigners are set to arrive in coming months.” 

According to the poll for 9Fairfax newspapers, 58% of the individuals surveyed believe that legal immigration should be reduced to levels that fall well below the numbers Australia was taking in before the pandemic broke out at the end of 2019. 

The poll findings come after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Australia would allow fully vaccinated “skilled” workers, international students, and those possessing holiday, family, and humanitarian visas to continue migrating into the country starting on December 1.

Projections point to 160,000 students and 50,000 so-called skilled workers returning to Australia in the next few months.

“We’re expecting probably around about 200,000 or thereabouts that fit into the skilled and other visa categories that we would hope would take this up,” Morrison recently said. 

Roughly 20% of the Australian individuals polled said they preferred for migration levels to Australia to go back to its former level of 160,000 people annually.

Millionaire businessman Dick Smith claimed the decision to resume opening up the borders to “skilled workers” was designed with the aim of cutting labor costs for businesses.  

“It will keep wages down: that’s the main idea that the wealthy want to bring more people in,” Smith said to Daily Mail Australia.

“It’s called the marketplace: having more and more people applying for the available jobs.

They can train up Australians to do many of these jobs but that’s expensive whereas it’s so much cheaper to bring them in from overseas.

You can bring them in basically for nothing, if you’re one of the billionaires, it’s the easiest way of increasing your wealth, which is what they’re all about.”

Smith also predicted an increase in housing prices as more migration to the area continues. 

Indeed, mass migration, whether its legal or illegal, causes downward pressure on wages and increases demand for housing. 

In the Australian context, mass migration does have a geopolitical component to it. According to figures from Australia’s 2016 census, 5.6% of Australians have Chinese ancestry and China is the third most commonly reported country (8.3%) of birth for individuals born abroad.

With how aggressive China has become, not just in a conventional military sense, but also in terms of projecting its influence abroad through its United Front Work Department – an agency that works to energetically promote Chinese interests in foreign countries— and cultural entities like Confucius Institutes, China can exercise disproportionate influence on countries.

There are already significant cases of corporate and military espionage taking place in Australia, incidents that are growing in countries such as the United States.

Like the U.S.,  Australia would be wise to restrict legal immigration especially from countries such as China.

At the end of the day, the collective West must deal with the common scourge of mass migration. Hopefully, leaders across the West take a stand and halt this diabolical project. If they don’t, Western societies will ultimately disappear into the annals of history.

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