POLL: Majority of British Citizens Would Support Deportation of Foreign Nationals Who Sympathize With Islamic Terror

According to a poll jointly conducted by People Polling and GB News, 74% of British citizens believe foreign nationals who espouse pro-Islamist terrorist views should be deported from the United Kingdom. Only 4% disagreed and 11% are unsure. 

Among the males polled, 82% agreed with deporting these kinds of foreigners, whereas 65% of females were in agreement with these types of measures. 

92% of Conservative voters and 70% of Labor voters held similar views. As far as Brexit voters were concerned, 89% of Leave voters wanted to carry out deportations in addition to 73% of Remainers. 

When they were asked about how well immigrants were assimilating into broader British society, 30% of respondents indicated  “well” or “fairly well”, whereas 46% said not well or not very well.

Roughly 25% of people indicated that they were unsure about how immigrants were assimilating. For the 18 to 24 demographic cohort, 55% expressed similar views. 29% of this demographic said immigrants were integrating well.  

Professor Matt Goodwin, director and co-founder of People Polling, said the following about the poll results: “What these results show, in the aftermath of the attacks on Israel, the unfolding conflict in Israel and Gaza, and the debate about the London Metropolitan Police’s handling of protests in London, is that the British public are overwhelmingly supportive of deporting foreign nationals in Britain who glorify terrorism.”

Indeed, Islam is a problem for the West. It’s an alien religion whose precepts don’t jive well with Western style of rule of law. Serious right-wing governments should do everything possible to halt Muslim migration, and other foreign migration for that matter. In addition, these same governments should pursue measures to repatriate these migrants. 

The West is facing an existential migrant crisis that requires bold leadership. Now is not the time to engage in political correctness or go off on foreign policy ventures that waste precious political capital and national blood and treasure.

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