POLL: Majority of Georgia Voters Believe Trump’s Prosecution is Unfair

Per a majority of voters in Georgia, the prosecution of former President Donald Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is an unjust act.

In a recent Rasmussen poll, 56% of likely Georgia voters believe it is likely Trump was unfairly prosecuted by Willis, which includes 39% who indicated it’s very likely. 37% don’t believe it’s likely Willis is unfairly prosecuting Trump, which includes 28% who stated an unfair prosecution is very unlikely. 52% of Georgia voters believe it’s likely that cheating impacted the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the Peach State, which includes 30% who indicated it’s very likely cheating impacted the election result. 35% don’t believe it’s likely the 2020 Georgia election was impacted by cheating, which includes 22% who stated it’s unlikely. An additional 13% are unsure. 

53% of Georgia voters would back state officials calling for a special session of the legislature to prevent Willis from prosecuting Trump, which includes 37% who would strongly back such a move. 38% would stand against a special legislative session to halt the Fulton County prosecution of Trump, which includes 30% who would strongly oppose such a move.

In a similar vein, 58% of Georgia’s Republican voters would be more likely to vote for Kemp if he publicly went against Willis’s prosecution of Trump. 

55% of Georgia voters believe it is likely that cheating will have an impact on the outcome of the 2024 presidential election in Peach state, which includes 27% who indicated it’s very likely. 70% of Republican voters in Georgia believe cheating will at least somewhat likely affect the election outcome in 2024, in addition to 44% of Democrat voters and 51% of independent voters.

No matter how one slices it, the US has reached a Banana Republic phase of its politics. The rule of law is increasingly being flushed down the toilet as the cultural Left is using the coercive power of the state to suppress dissent. 

Such political behavior belongs in polities marked by tyranny and rank despotism, not the US.

To protect the US from defending into dumpster fire status, a nationalist takeover at all levels of government is of the essence. From there, prudential state power should be used to clobber the Left.

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