POLL: Majority of NYC Residents Are Against Housing Illegal Aliens in Student Dorms

According to a Siena College poll, 54% of New York City residents are against Mayor Eric Adams’ efforts to house recently arrived border crossers and illegal alien invaders in university housing citywide.  

John Binder of Breitbart News noted that started relocating about 500 migrants into a former student dormitory in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. By contrast, only 33% of New Yorkers support housing migrant invaders in university housing citywide, whereas 15% have mixed views or have no idea about the policy.

Similarly, the poll discovered that a plurality of New Yorkers, 46%, are also against Adams transporting border crossers and illegal aliens out of New York City and to upstate New York —  all on the New York City taxpayer’s dime.

About 40% are in favor of  Adams transporting migrants to other parts of New York.

Mass migration does not come cheap for New York City residents. For example, Illegal immigration costs New Yorkers roughly $5 million daily. Moreover, by the middle of 2024, Adams projects that illegal immigration will cost New Yorkers north of $4.2 billion

Mass migration is the political question of our epoch. It must be addressed if we want to bring socio-economic harmony to our lands.

A serious nationalist program would make the implementation of an immigration moratorium priority #1.

It’s that important of an issue.

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