POLL: Majority of Republican Voters View Disney Unfavorably

In a recent Rasmussen poll, 51% of American adults signaled that they view Disney entertainment corporation favorably, which includes 22% who hold a very favorable impression of the entertainment company. 40% of American adults hold an unfavorable view of Disney, which includes 21% with a very unfavorable impression. 

While 62% of Democrat voters view Disney favorably, only 32% of Republicans hold that same opinion. 61% of Republican voters view Disney unfavorably, which includes 35% with a very unfavorable view of the entertainment titan.  58% of independent voters have a favorable view of Disney and 32% have an unfavorable view of Disney.

26% of American voters believe that avoiding political scuffles will be beneficial for Disney, whereas 21% believe it will have a negative impact on the company and 44% stated avoiding politics will not make much of a difference for Disney.

21% of Democrat voters, 29% of Republican voters, and 27% of independent voters believe avoiding political conflicts will help Disney, while 24% of Democrat voters, 25% of Republican voters and 14% of the independent voters believe it will hurt the entertainment company. 49% of Democrat voters, 40% of Republican voters, and 43% of the independent voters said avoiding political conflicts won’t have much of an impact on Disney.

49% of white voters, 54% of black voters, and 56% of non-black minorities have at least a somewhat favorable view of Disney. Blacks are the group that’s least likely to believe that avoiding political conflicts will be beneficial for Disney.

Just 39% of Americans making between $30,000 and $50,000 on a yearly basis have a favorable view of Disney. By contrast, 68% of individuals making between $100,000 and $200,000 annually view Disney in a favorable light.

Disney was once a respectable company that embodied all the positive aspects of the American spirit. However, like many other vaunted institutions in the US, Disney has experienced degradation over the last century or so.

This is due to leftist infiltration at all levels of the company. Like many other major companies in the US, Disney is firmly on the cultural Left.

In addition to using prudential state power to rein these companies, the Right must start getting serious about churning out professionals who can move up the corporate ladder and completely purge these institutions.

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