Poll: Majority Of Voters Believe Democrats Favor Illegal Migrants Over Americans

A surprising new CBS poll shows that a majority of US voters believe Democrats put the interest of migrants ahead of their own country. While Republicans put American interest first. 

For many, the results from this poll are proof of just how much the Democrat political class is detached from real America. 

The poll that used 2,119 registered voters as a sample shows that 59 percent of all voters, and 61 percent of independents claim Democrats plan to “open the U.S.-Mexican border” if they win Congress again come midterms. 

The poll also claims that 20 percent of liberals and 27 percent of Democrats say their party will open the borders.

Some who are still buying the Democrat lie claim that their views are not in line with the real goals of the Democrat party, and that those polled who were against the left are just brainwashed by conservative propaganda. 

Furthermore, 52 percent of independent voters believe Democrats promote policies that put immigrants ahead of Americans. This data is significant because so many independent swing voters feel so strongly about the immigration topics. Which likely means they’ll vote Republican in the 2022 midterm election.

CBS News had this to say about the pre-election poll: 

“Republican messaging on immigration is resonating with some voters. By three to one, [polled] voters think Democrats put the interests of recent immigrants first rather than prioritizing the interests of current U.S. citizens, among those who think the party takes a side between the two. And a majority [of voters] think the Democrats would “open the U.S. Mexico border.” Those holding this view are voting Republican in big numbers.”

Open borders for all has always been a favorite of Democrat President Joe Biden. 

Over the last 2 years the US has accepted over 3 million illegal and legal migrants. And what’s worse is that the demographic replacement is real, with only 7 births out of 10 being US native. 

Thanks to failed Democrat policies and their sick agenda, cities have been flooded by people that don’t look like, speak like, or even share the same values and culture with typical Americans. 

Such levels of high immigration have also meant that the job market supply will inflate, resulting in lower wages for American voters.

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