POLL: Majority of Voters Want Congress to Investigate CDC for Its Handling of Wuhan Virus Vaccines 

57% of likely United States voters want congress to investigate how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) want Congress to investigate how the CDC handled issues concerned with the Wuhan virus vaccines. Specifically, issues dealing with vaccine safety. 

According to a Rasmussen poll, 49% of voters believe that it’s likely that the CDC has given the public complete information about the potential danger of side effects from Wuhan virus vaccines, which includes 29% who indicated it’s “very likely.” By contrast, 41% believe it’s unlikely the CDC provided complete information about vaccines risks, which includes 22% who indicated it’s “not at all likely.” An additional 10% are unsure. 

Democrats hold higher degrees of trust in the CDC than either Republicans or independent voters. 66% of Democrats believe it’s at least somewhat likely the CDC has provided complete information to the public about the potential danger of side effects from Wuhan virus vaccines. By contrast, 35% of Republicans and 45% of independent voters hold similar beliefs. 34% of Republicans, 25% of independent voters and 10% of Democrats believe it’s “not at all likely” the CDC has put forward complete information concerning Wuhan virus vaccine risks.

70% of Republicans, 48% of Democrats, and 54% of independent voters stated Congress should investigate how the CDC tackled issues of Wuhan virus vaccine safety. 40% of Democrats, 20% of Republicans, and 31% of independent voters oppose Congress investigating the CDC.

Voters making over $200,000 annually tend to trust the CDC more when it comes to fully informing the public about vaccine side effect risk. By contrast, this level of trust is lowest among voters making between $30,000 and $40,000. 

Government workers tend to trust the CDC more in this regard than private sector workers. 

Indeed, Congress needs to grow a pair and start confronting the biosecurity state. The best first step is to investigate the CDC and grill it on how it handled the question of vaccine safety risks. 

Government agencies and the economic sectors they interact with must be placed under the microscope if we want any form of accountability and a general environment where Americans’ best interests are held. When these entities are allowed to operate in the shadows without any form of scrutiny placed on them, all sorts of bad things will ensue. 

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