POLL: Mar-A-Lago Raid has Made Republican Voter Enthusiasm Increase

On August 8, 2022, the FBI carried out a raid on former President Fonald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. This move was justified on the grounds that Trump allegedly brought classified documents with him. The move has also raised significant speculation about the real motive behind the raid. Some believe this move was pulled off by the Deep State to keep Trump from running for re-election.

Regardless of the motive behind the raid, it has clearly provoked a strong reaction from those on the Right. 

In fact, a new poll conducted by Economist/YouGov demonstrated that 51% of Republican respondents expressed more enthusiasm about the upcoming midterm elections on November 8, 2022 than in the previous election cycle.

Another poll was previously conducted from August 7 to August 9 which found that only 45% of Republican respondents were more committed to voting in the midterms. As for Democrat and Independent voters, voter enthusiasm only increased by one point to 36% and 25% respectively, per a report by Rita Li of The Epoch Times.  

Republican energy is clearly unmatched in this election cycle. Hopefully, this energy is channeled to productive causes in the 2022 midterms. There’s no need for rebranded neoconservatism. 

It will be up to America First nationalists to use the fallout from the Mar-a-Lago raid as a way to advance their agenda and get angry Republican voters to pull the lever for America First candidates.

We’re at a crucial moment in American history that requires serious political and political movement with the right platform to lead the way. America First is the only movement equipped to do so. 


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