POLL: Mitt Romney Has Favorability of 18%

A new poll reveals that failed presidential candidate and Utah Senator Mitt Romney is widely disliked by the American people.

The poll conducted by NBC and released on Sunday reveals just how unpopular the old guard Republican really is. Romney is seen as ‘very positively’ by 2% of Americans, and ‘somewhat positively’ by 16%.

As such, only 18% of Americans see the staunch political elitist in a positive light.

The poll surveyed 900 Americans across the country, providing a considerable sample size. It also revealed a 45% approval rating for Donald Trump’s job performance in office, far outpacing Romney’s favorability and running to par with most presidents in recent memory.

Romney’s unpopularity dates back further than his ongoing feud with Donald Trump, that began when the populist businessman became a Presidential candidate. Romney lost the 2012 Presidential election in great part because of his career making millions of dollars from outsourcing American jobs and displacing middle class workers for the benefit of wealthy corporations and shareholders.

Romney has rebranded as a liberal Republican as a U.S. Senator, initially making headways with liberals through frequent denunciations of President Trump. However, it appears his liberal cheerleaders are fair-weather fans, as they’ve been quick to turn on him for voting with other Senate Republicans on judges and other mainstream conservative issues.

Romney has been the only Republican senator to entertain the prospect of impeaching President Trump, although it’s unclear if he’s serious about removing Trump from office or is simply dancing around the notion in order to rake in more liberal applause.

More polling also reveals that Utah citizens may be souring on their junior Senator’s incessant moral preening and infighting.

A Utah Policy poll shows that a majority of the state’s residents disapprove of Romney’s job performance. Romney won’t be up for re-election until 2024, but it probably couldn’t hurt for the freshman senator to focus on policy that will benefit his constituents as opposed to endless, repetitive feuds.

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