POLL: More Americans Believe the Internet Is Making Children Go Nuts

In a recently published poll by Rasmussen, 79% of American adults believed young people are spending excessive amounts of time scrolling through social media and other sites on the Internet. 

75% of voters believe it is likely that spending too much time on the Internet plays a role in fostering mental illness in America’s youth, which includes 35% who indicated that it’s very likely. Only 18% don’t believe it’s likely that too much online time is negatively impacting people’s mental health.

Curiously, 64% of American voters believe that parents should assume responsibility for the type of content their children consume, thereby indicating that the government should not get involved here. By contrast, 18% of voters believe that internet service providers should be assuming more of this responsibility. Just 10% believe the government should be the entity that should protect America’s youth from foul content. 

When it comes to partisan alignments, 83% of Republican voters, 79% of Democrats and 77% of independent voters believe young people are spending excessive amounts of time on social media and other websites. 

With respect to income earners, individuals making north of $200,000 annually are more likely to say that spending too much time on the Internet is very likely to lead to mental illness in the youth. 

Getting dopamine hits by scrolling on social media and endlessly browsing the Internet is a recipe for a youth that is mentally and socially stunted. 

One of the overarching challenges for the Right is to restore civil society and the use of social pressure to get people out of the house and interact with each other. An atomized America is a socially moribund America.  

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