POLL: More Voters Believe the FBI Has Been Weaponized by Politics

According to a recently published Rasmussen poll, 50% of likely American voters have a favorable view of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which includes 22% who have a “very favorable” view of the bureau.

45% of likely American voters currently view the FBI unfavorably, which includes 24% who have a very unfavorable impression of the bureau. 

Former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker gave testimony to a House subcommittee back in February noting that the FBI has become “politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington.”  64% of voters are in agreement with that statement, which includes 44% who strongly agree that the FBI has been “politically weaponized.” 30% disagree, which includes 17% who strongly disagree.

59% of Republican voters strongly agree that the FBI has been “politically weaponized,” in addition to 28% of Democrats and 45% of independent voters. 

69% of Democratic voters hold a somewhat favorable view of the FBI, while only 37% of Republican voters and 43% of independent voters share that opinion. 61% of Republican voters, 24% of Democrat voters, and 50% of independent voters view the FBI unfavorably.

Majorities of all racial groups – 63% of white voters, 58% of black voters. and 68% of other non-black minority voters – are at least somewhat in agreement that the FBI has been “politically weaponized.” 

When it comes to voters by their income status, individuals making over $200,000 hold a much more favorable view of the FBI. 

The FBI is an unconstitutional government agency that’s dedicated to harassing lawful Americans. It’s an unaccountable bureaucracy that continues to grow in power and scope at Middle America’s expense. 

For any semblance of freedom to remain in place, the FBI is one government agency that has to be totally dismantled.

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