POLL: Most Americans Believe that Schools Aren’t Disciplining Bad Students Enough

A recently published Rasmussen poll discovered that only 28% of American adults believe most Americans still view teaching as a desirable profession to pursue. 49% currently indicated that teaching is currently considered an undesirable profession and 23% are unsure.  

Just 7% of American adults deem poor teachers as the biggest problem in schools today. At the top of the list is insufficient funding, which was cited by 31% of American adults, and bad curriculum, which was cited by American adults 24%. 20% of American adults declared that a lack of discipline is the biggest problem, followed by 13% of American adults who stated that there’s not enough parental involvement.

Only 8% of American adults believe discipline in public schools is too harsh, whereas 57% believe it’s too easy, and 20% indicate discipline in schools is just right. 15% of American adults are unsure.

47% of Democrat voters, 64% of Republicans voters, and 60% of independent voters believe school discipline is too light.

48% of Democrat voters, 20% of Republican voters, and 24% of independent voters believe insufficient funding is the biggest problem  schools are facing these days. Republicans are more likely to deem a bad curriculum (32%) or lack of discipline (22%) as the biggest problems schools are currently facing.

26% of white voters, 32% of black voters, and 31% of non-black minorities indicated that they still view teaching as a desirable career. Blacks are most likely to believe a dearth of funding is the biggest problem  schools are currently facing.

Americans making over $200,000 annually are less likely to believe that bad curriculum is the biggest problem schools face in present times.

The current school system is one of the biggest indicators of American decline. These are venues where young Americans get their minds totally warped by leftist indoctrinators aka teachers. 

The Right must do everything possible to simultaneously purge the education system of leftist faculty and administrators, while also promoting competing systems 


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