POLL: Most Americans Don’t Want to Live in Anti-Gun States

According to a new Harvard Center for American Political Studies/Harris poll, a solid majority of respondents don’t want to live in states that have tighter gun control laws.

In a similar vein, this poll found that most voters don’t like the way in which President Joe Biden has handled crime and violence. Only 37% of respondents indicated that they approve of Biden’s efforts to stop crime. 17% strongly approve of Biden’s attempts to stem crime, whereas 42% strongly disapprove. 

Most notably, the poll demonstrated that 66% of poll respondents indicated that they prefer residing in a state that doesn’t criminalize gun ownership. 

However, the poll had some caveats. When it came to the question if a state should impose more restrictions on gun ownership, relax gun control laws, or maintain them, 54% indicated that they would prefer additional gun control laws measures. Only 20% current gun control laws should be relaxed, while 26% indicated that they preferred to maintain the gun policy status quo. 

Indeed, there is still a lot of disinformation that needs to be refuted about guns. However, there’s still no clear mandate for Gun Control Inc. to impose gun control on the American population. This gives pro-Second Amendment forces enough time to reconstitute themselves and mount offensives against the gun controllers. 

As long as there exists some semblance of a pro-gun culture in the US, Second Amendment activists can still have a major impact in the public policy arena.

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