POLL: Most Democrats Now Favor Social Media Censorship

The majority of Democrat voters want censorship on social media.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 51% of American adults believe that social media giants like Facebook and Twitter should allow free speech without any form of censorship. 

This marks a notable decline from 61% in January 2018.  

35% now believe it’s better for social media companies to micromanage what’s posted on social media platforms to ensure people are not offended. This is an increase from 2018, when support for increased regulation was only at 23% in 2018.

While a majority of Americans still think social media sites should permit free speech, most Democrats want companies like Twitter and Facebook to regulate content on their platforms.

57% of Democrats believe social media companies should regulate what users post on social media platforms to make sure people are not offended. This represents a significant increase from 2018 when support for social media censorship among Democrats was only at 25%.

The majority of Republicans (72%) and independent voters (54%) still believe social media titans should uphold free speech on their platforms. 

Blacks (40%) tend to support stronger social media regulation, while whites (36%) and other minorities (30%) are not as enthusiastic. 

The Democratic Party is aiming for a one-party dictatorship. From the mass migration policies they pursue to build a reliable voter pipeline to social media censorship that crushes dissent, Democrats no longer have any use for traditional American freedoms.

Republicans need to get serious about reining in Big Tech to make sure that Democrats don’t have a private censorship arm that will destroy free discourse in America. The stakes are simply too high to remain complacent.

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