POLL: Most Voters Believe a Depression is Around the Corner

Despite claims by President Joe Biden about the strength of America’s economy, most Americans still think we’re headed toward another Great Depression.

A Rasmussen poll showed that 52% of American Adults believe it is likely that the United States will enter a 1930s-style depression in the next few years, which includes 21% who indicated that a major depression is very likely. 36% don’t believe another Great Depression is likely taking place over the next few years, which included 11% who said that is an unlikely prospect. An additional 11% are unsure. 20 Shows Like Sex Education

However, 47% of Democrat voters, 64% of Republican voters, and 48% of independent voters believe it’s at least somewhat likely the US will enter a depression in the next few years.    

23% of Americans believe that in 2024 the stock market will be higher than it is currently, whereas 27% believe it will be lower. 30% expect the stock market to be about the same  in 2024, and an additional 20% are unsure. In February, 32% expected the stock market to plummet within the next year.

30% of Democrat voters currently believe the stock market will be higher in 2024, in addition to 20% of both Republican and independent voters. 42% of Republican voters, 18% of Democrat voters and 24% of independent voters expect the stock market to plummet in 2024.

47% of white voters, 52% of black voters, and 65% of non-black minorities believe  another Great Depression is at least somewhat likely to occur within the next few years.

As far as American income earners are concerned, those making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually  are more likely to expect another major depression to go down in the near future. Those earning over $200,000 annually are the most likely to believe that the stock market will be on the rise in 2024.

A recession will inevitably  strike the US by virtue of the fact that it has a monetary system that generates massive economic distortions through its manipulation of interest rates. Only a reversion to a sound monetary standard can prevent such economic reversals from occurring.

Too bad the current ruling class is incapable of bringing that about.

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