POLL: Most Voters Believe Trump Prosecution is Bad for the United States

The felony prosecution of former President Donald Trump is viewed as a net negative for the United States. 

According to a Rasmussen poll,  55% of likely US voters believe the felony charges levied against Trump are bad for the country. 39% believe that the prosecution of the former president is good for the US.  The majority of voters agree that the case 

is “banana republic sort of stuff.” 

39% believe that prosecuting Trump is good for the country. Trump’s appearance in a courtroom was the first time in history an ex-president was arraigned for allegedly committing a crime.

Former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes declared: “This is a really serious time because this is banana republic sort of stuff. Using the law as a weapon against a political opponent is so wrong.”

64% of voters agree with Hakes’ statement, which includes 48% who strongly agree that Trump’s prosecution is “banana republic sort of stuff.” 28%  disagree, which includes 20% who strongly disagree.

42% of voters believe the prosecution of Trump will make it more likely he will receive the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, whereas 29% believe the prosecution makes it less likely Trump will be the GOP nominee in 2024. 19% believe prosecuting Trump will not have much of an impact on his chances of winning the 2024 Republican nomination and an additional 11% are unsure. 

55% of Republican voters believe prosecuting Trump makes it more likely the former president will receive the GOP nomination in 2024, a belief that 32% of Democrats and 38% of independent voters share. 40% of Democrats, 18% of Republicans, and 28% of independent voters believe Trump’s prosecution makes it unlikely he’ll get the Republican nomination in 2024.

61% of Democratic voters believe the felony charges against Trump are a net good for America. By contrast, only 25% of Republican voters and 29% of independent voters are in agreement. 70% of Republicans believe the Manhattan DA’s felony charges against Trump are bad for America, in addition to 30% of Democrats and 63% of independent voters.

86% of Republican voters, 46% of Democrat voters, and 61% of independent voters at least somewhat agree with the statement that Trump’s prosecution on felony charges “is banana republic sort of stuff.” However, 34% of Democratic voters strongly disagree with the statement, on top of 7% of Democratic voters and 19% of independent voters.

As for income earners, 55% of individuals making $200,000 annually believe Trump’s prosecution is good for the country. However, 62% of individuals earning below $30,000 annually believe Trump’s prosecution is bad for America. Unquestionably, Trump’s prosecution is America’s banana republic moment. This type of action belongs in a Third World polity where institutional stability is an afterthought.

If Trump is successfully placed behind bars, we could be witnessing the first of a massive wave of purges directed against the Right. 

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