POLL: Nearly 70% of Democrats Believe Joe Biden is Too Old to Run for Re-Election

Per a recently published Associated Press/NORC poll, the majority of the American populace believe incumbent President Joe Biden is too old to run for re-election. Surprisingly, a large portion of Democrats agree with this sentiment.

77% of American voters indicated that Biden is too old to serve a second term. 89% of Republican voters agreed with this assessment. Moreover, 69% of Democrat voters shared similar views.

On top of that, the poll featured a word association section asking respondents to indicate the first word or phrase that comes to mind for describing Biden.

In total, 28% of Democrat voters mentioned some variation of “old,” “outdated,” “retire,” “elderly,” “aging,” “senile” and “dementia” to describe Biden.

The bulk of Democrats were more inclined to use terms stressing the president’s age as opposed to “president,” “leader,” “strong” or “capable.”

An additional 15% of respondents in total connected Biden with the words “slow,” “confused,” “idiot,” “ignorant,” “sleepy,” “gaffe” and “bumbling,” per the poll, whereas only 1% of respondents replied that Biden was “smart,” “wise” or “knowledgeable.”

Hilariously, the AP notes that one Republican said “potato,” as the first word that came to mind for Biden.

It’s clear that Biden has completely taken leave of his senses due to his advanced age. His sorry state is emblematic of the American gerontocracy that has grown old and completely out of touch with interests of broader America. 

Ultimately, the US needs new blood in its political leadership if it wants to continue progressing. 

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