POLL: Only 1% of Americans View Russia as a Major Problem 

According to a new Gallup poll, only 1% of Americans believe Russia is a major problem. Instead, they sensibly view bad governance, inflation, and the overall state of the economy as bigger problems. 

Paul Joseph Watson noted that 9% of Americans viewed relations with Russia as the most important problem facing the country back in March.” Currently, those figures are dropping like a rock. 

Logically, interest in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict has waned largely due to the salient nature of domestic issues ranging from inflation to crime to immigration taking precedence as people’s most pressing concerns.

Plus, Russia gradually making more gains in Ukraine has made the corporate media less interested in covering this conflict, which they believed would end quickly with a Ukrainian victory. 

In the immediate aftermath of Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine, Americans viewed Russia as a major priority.  But now only 1% believe it’s the most important issue that policy-makers must take on. 

Contrast that to inflation, which 17% of Americans currently view as an important problem. Similarly, 17% of Americans believe bad governance is a major problem. Another 12% are concerned about the general state of the economy. 

Moreover, Russia doesn’t even enter the top 10 most important issues for American voters, which include crime, gun policy, and immigration.

As the economy spirals out of control and the US experiences a social breakdown due to rising crime and open borders, people will have much less interest in a distant geopolitical conflict that frankly does not involve a pressing national interest for America. 

Right-wing populists should not fall for the neocon temptation of pounding their chests in favor of spreading liberal democracy and championing human rights abroad. They should stick to the basics of calling out the Federal Reserve, the regulatory state, and Open Borders Inc., in addition to pushing for rational infrastructure investment in the Rust Belt and other areas cast aside by globalization. 

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