POLL: Only 36% of Democrats Even Want Biden to Run Again

New polling from Marist University indicates that only just over a third of Democrat-aligned voters even want President Joe Biden to run for reelection in 2024, with the remainder openly preferring an alternate Democratic candidate or unsure on the party’s 2024 nominee.

36% of Democrat and Democrat-leaning independents openly state a preference for Biden in 2024, suggesting that demand for a second Biden term is lower than that for any incumbent President since World War II- including Jimmy Carter, who faced a strong primary challenge from Ted Kennedy.

44% of the Democrat voters in the poll indicate an open preference for “someone else,” and 20% are unsure. Biden entered the US presidential palace as the oldest executive in the history of the country, with a second Biden term setting even greater records for the age of a President.

The polling indicates that both Democrats and Republicans view Donald Trump as the most competitive option for the GOP in the 2024 election, with more voters viewing him a likely to win a rematch with Biden than an alternative Republican.

Political observers have remarked that the extremist party lacks an abundance of national political figures the public would identify as normal people, the elite ranks of the Democratic Party instead filled with either ultra-wealthy oligarchs or antisocial “woke” ideologues. Democrats may even find themselves regretting a choice to ditch Biden in favor of a candidate more in allegiance to millennial liberal social preferences- polling of a tenative Kamala Harris vs. Donald Trump election is even more favorable to the former President than a Biden rematch.

The Marist poll surveyed 882 national voters between October 18th through 22nd.

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