POLL: Only 63% of American Adults Are “Proud to be an American”

American citizenship is increasingly meaningless for a considerable demographic of American adults.

New polling from Gallup indicates that a record low percentage of American adults describe themselves as “proud to be an American.” Only 63% of poll respondents in the June poll answered the question in the affirmative, when asked if they were either “very proud” or “extremely proud” to be an American.

The combined 63% of Americans who identified with national pride is the lowest combined percentage of adults who answered as such since Gallup first began polling public opinion on the question in 2001. The decline in national percentage appears to coincide concisely with the nationwide race riots and protests following the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd during an arrest.

Curiously, a breakdown of the data suggests that pride in being an American has declined primarily among Republicans. Democratic pride in being an American declined starkly after Donald Trump’s election and inauguration, but has actually increased slightly in the wake of the protests and riots.

As the major American institutions are wholly dominated and weaponized by the cultural left in an scorched-effort campaign to punish traditional and conservative Americans, it’s probably more likely than not that pride in being an American will continue to decline, most prominently among the demographics that have traditionally expressed it in the most resounding fashion.

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