Poll: Over 75 Percent of Americans Believe the Deep State Has Destroyed the Rule of Law

A new poll from the Trafalgar Group has shown that nearly 79 percent of Americans understand that there is a separate standard of laws that are applied to the politically connected while the rest of us live under an entirely different set of rules.

The results show 79.3 percent of Americans believe there are two tiers of laws – one that applies to Washington D.C. insiders and another that applies to ordinary Americans. Only 11.6 percent of Americans believe that laws are applied under an equal standard while 9.1 percent of Americans are unsure of the question.

The results of the poll, which was conducted by Trafalgar in conjunction with the Convention of States Project, can be seen here:

It is worth noting that the poll was conducted between the days of July 24 and 28, well before the FBI conducted a politically-motivated raid on President Donald Trump’s home. Now, these numbers would likely be even higher in terms of awareness of the deep state’s national injustice.

Big League Politics has reported on the abuses of the deep state that have resulted in the destruction of the rule of law and the public turning against the federal bureaucracy:

Recently declassified documents from the CIA inspector general show that the agency knew of at least 10 of its staffers who were guilty of sex crimes involving children but chose not to prosecute.

Original reporting from Buzzfeed shows the nature of the deep state and how it protects predators by its very nature. The CIA is claiming that prosecuting sex criminals within their midst might put state secrets in jeopardy as a perfect excuse to keep pedophilia under wraps.

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