POLL: Over Half of Voters Believe Illegal Aliens Could Decide the 2024 Election

In a recent Rasmussen poll, 51% of likely United States voters believe it is likely that the 2024 election will be decided by illegal aliens voting. Of these voters, 28% believe it’s very likely that illegal aliens.

By contrast, 42% of voters don’t believe the 2024 election will be influenced by the votes of illegal aliens, which includes 22% who say it’s not at all.

80% of voters are of the view that illegal aliens should not have the ability to vote in US elections, whereas 13% believe they should.

77% of voters believe it is important to bar illegal aliens from voting in US elections, which includes 60% who view it as very important. Only 19% of voters don’t believe it’s important to stop illegal aliens from voting.

80% of Republican voters, 39% of  Democrats voters, and 64% of independent voters indicated that it’s very important to prevent illegal aliens from voting in US elections. 

93% of Republican voters, 66% of Democrat voters, and 84% of independent voters believe illegal aliens should not be able to vote in US elections.

72% of Republican voters believe it’s at least somewhat likely that the result of the 2024 presidential election will be influenced by illegal aliens voting, in addition to 39% of Democrat voters and 41% of independent voters.

88% of white voters, 73% of black voters, and 60% of other non-black minorities voters indicated that illegal aliens should not be allowed to vote in US elections. White voters are the voter subset that  are most likely to deem it very important to stop voting by illegal aliens.

When it comes to income earners, voters making north of $100,000 annually are more than twice as likely than low income earners to believe illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. 

It cannot be stated loud enough: Mass migration is one of the largest election rigging schemes imposed on the American population by the ruling class. 

If we can’t get control of our borders, America’s electoral system will be in a state of complete disarray.

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