POLL: Support for Gun Control Declines to Lowest Levels in Years

New polling from Gallup indicates that support for new gun control laws has fallen to its lowest levels since 2016, with 57% of Americans stating that they support new gun control. As many as 67% of Americans said they supported new gun control as recently as 2018, and a whopping 78% of Americans supported more gun control in 1990.

The polling indicates that only 25% of Americans support a total handgun ban in America, a record low in the history of Gallup’s gun control polling.

85% of Democrats support “more strict” gun control, and only 22% of Republicans do.

Joe Biden has pledged to govern as the most strict anti-gun President in American history. He’s promised to criminalize online gun sales, and pledged to ban what he sees as “assault weapons” and standard-capacity rifle magazines.

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