POLL: Support for Military Aid to Israel is Rapidly Declining

According to a recent poll by Quinnipiac, support for the United States government sending military aid to Israel has become split and has fallen over the last 2 months. 

Overall, 46% are against sending military aid to Israel. By contrast, 45% are in favor of the US sending military aid to the Jewish state. 

Of note, there’s a major generational divide when it comes to sending military aid to Israel. The 18-34 demographic, which spans Generation Z and younger Millennials, are overwhelming against (72%) sending military aid to Israel. 53% of the 35-49 demographic is against the US sending military aid in this instance. 

By contrast, there’s much less opposition for the US to send military aid to the Jewish state among the 50-64 (36%) and the 65 and older (28%) demographics. 

As time goes on, the US’s seemingly unconditional support for Israel may not be long for this world. Israel’s changing demographics will result in the establishment of a hard Right, ethno religious state that goes against many of the values the Collective West supposedly champions. Undoubtedly, such a state will be erratic at both the domestic and international level. 

The fact is Millennials and their younger counterparts have largely been raised on the Internet and have  been exposed to alternative media that often challenges prevailing narratives such as the nature of the Israeli. Recalibrating relations with Israel is of the utmost importance if the US wants to avoid getting into another case of imperial overstretch. 

To achieve this, there needs to be a free and open Internet where controversial ideas such as questioning the US’s relationship with Israel are tolerated and allowed to be disseminated.

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