POLL: Support for Sending Military Aid to Ukraine is Falling Among Europeans 

Are residents of the European Union growing tired of trying to continue the proxy war?

According to a poll by the Bertelsmann Foundation, Europeans continue to support Ukraine but they are not as enthusiastic about sending an endless stream of weapons to it in its fight against Russia.

“The overwhelming majority of Europeans are still in favor of Ukraine’s EU entry. Their readiness to receive refugees remains high. However, the number of people who approve of weapons supplies is declining in all EU countries,” the poll authors highlighted.

Back in March, 57% of German nationals supported sending military aid to Ukraine. However, in September, when the poll was conducted, the figure fell to 48%.

In France, the figures were 67% and 54% respectively. Similarly, the numbers for support for military aid to Ukraine in Spain fell from 66% to 57%. Poland showcased the strongest level of support for military aid to Ukraine (76%). By contrast, Italians are the least enthusiastic about sending military aid to Ukraine (36%).

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Collective West has responded with a massive sanctions war and military aid campaign to have Ukraine fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. Since the Collective West responded with sanctions and proceeded to cut Russia off from the Western economic system, Europe is now facing a massive energy crisis where its very living standards could witness a significant reduction.

As a result, many Europeans are beginning to question the merits of a proxy war that merely accomplishes the geopolitical objectives of the Anglo-American axis, while Europe must shoulder massive economic costs in terms of higher energy prices and further supply chain disruptions.

Europeans would be wise to reject the foreign policy trickery emanating from London and Washington DC. If it doesn’t, the 21st century will be the epoch that witnesses the terminal decline of the Old Continent.

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