POLL: Support for Tighter Gun Control Has Declined Since June

According to a Gallup poll released on November 21, support for tighter gun control restrictions went down from 66% in June to 57% towards the end of October.

This poll was carried out from October 3 to October 20.

Per Gallup’s findings, 46% of Americans say there is a gun in their home or on their property. Additionally, 33% said they “personally own a gun.”

When it comes to political parties, 66% of Republican respondents indicated that they have a gun in their home or somewhere on their property. By contrast, 31% of Democrats indicated the same.

Additionally, 48% of Republicans say they “personally own a gun” whereas 20% of Democrats indicated that they do.

Gallup noted the following:

Americans’ calls for stricter gun laws have fallen since June, when back-to-back massacres in a grocery store and a school resulted in an increased appetite for gun control. This pattern, whereby public support for tougher gun control spikes after prominent mass shootings and falls back as the memory of them fades, has been evident historically in Gallup polling.

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News noted that “In addition to differences between Americans by party affiliation, the Gallup poll shows that gun ownership is largest among high income earners in town and rural settings.” 

All in all, Gun Control Inc. will have its hands full in trying to impose its civilian disarmament agenda on America. Many Americans — of different political, racial, and religious backgrounds — still own firearms and will not give them up so easily.

These constituencies are some of the last bastions of defense against the growing tyranny that’s coming from the DC Swamp.

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