POLL: Swing State Voters Are Increasingly In Favor of Taxing the Rich

According to a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll, 69% of registered voters in 7 swing states indicated that they favor higher taxes on billionaires. Additionally, these voters back higher income taxes on individuals who make over $400,000 annually by the same margin. 

The Biden regime is floating a new tax proposal to extract more resources from America’s richest families. That’s on top of his plan to increase the 21% corporate tax rate, which 51% of swing state voters supported in the poll carried out from the timeframe of March 8 to 15.

58% of Republican voters, 83% of Democrat voters, and 66% of independent voters back higher taxes on billionaires. 

Curiously, while voters back higher income and corporate taxes, they trust former President Donald Trump to handle tax policy. Specifically, 47% of voters in swing states prefer Trump to Biden on tax policy. 

Trump has actually put forward “the biggest tax cuts”, but has yet to put out specific details on the plan. This poll was conducted in states such as  Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

Americans are clearly fed up with the economic status quo. While broad-based tax hikes are a suboptimal economic policy, we may need to consider such policies to combat parasitic economic actors. 

There ultimately needs to be policies designed to benefit Americans, while also punishing nefarious actors that bring about socio-economic instability.

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