POLL: Trump Appears to be the Favorite to Win New Hampshire in the 2020 Elections

According to a statewide poll from McLaughlin & Associates, Donald Trump is beating the main 2020 Democrat presidential contenders in New Hampshire.

Jim McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates tweeted, “Poll Alert: Our new Feb 2/5-6 statewide poll of 400 likely New Hampshire voters for the ACU: 48% approve @realDonaldTrump Trump beats Biden 49%-45%. Trump beats Sanders 48%-45%. Biden 57% neg, Sanders 54% neg, Pelosi 56% neg! @realDonaldTrump winning!”


The poll conducted was of 400 likely New Hampshire voters.

48 percent of them approve of Trump’s leadership.

Trump beats former Vice President Joe Biden 49 percent-45 percent, whereas Trump beats Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders 48 percent-45 percent.

Biden has a 57 percent negative rating, Sanders has a 54 percent negative rating, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a 56 percent negative rating.

From the looks it, Trump appears to be the favorite for the 2020 election cycle.

Nevertheless, his team should not get complacent.

After all, the Left has become more vociferous by taking more radical positions on issues such as gun ownership and immigration.

In light of this, Trump should continue campaigning hard for his America First agenda of foreign policy restraint, economic harmony, and strong national borders.

This is what will propel him to victory.

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