POLL: Trump is Ahead of the Biden/Harris Regime in the 2024 Elections

According to a recently published Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, former President Donald Trump is ahead of incumbent President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in hypothetical 2024 match ups. 

46% of the individuals polled indicated that they would vote for Trump over Biden if the 2024 presidential elections were held today, compared to 41% who said they would pull the lever for Biden. 13% were unsure. 

As for Harris, 49% of respondents would vote for Trump and 39% would vote for Harris if the 2024 race were held today. 13% percent indicated their uncertainty about the matchup.  

Trump continues to be the Republican candidate at the head of the pack. In a hypothetical eight-way primary, 37% of respondents would pull the lever for Trump, while 19% would support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. On top of that, 7% would vote for the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who recently entered the ring as a Republican challenger to Trump. The poll found that Haley did gain some momentum after what 

Following Biden’s recent State of the Union address, his approval rating stays hovering around 42%.

The Republican Party still remains Trump’s party, especially on populist issues such as a restrained foreign policy and immigration restriction. Neoconservative hacks can argue against this at their own political peril. Populists must not only coalesce around Trump but embed themselves in his campaign and key policy positions to ensure that he stays the populist course and does not become just another generic Republican that kowtows to Big Business and prosecutes unpopular wars. 

These are the best ways to ensure that the America First movement not only wins at the polls, but also wins on the public policy implementation stage.

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