POLL: Voters Are Against a One-Party State

According to a Rasmussen poll, only 15% of likely United States voters believe that the United States would be better off as a one-party state. 71% of voters disagreed with this statement and an additional 14% are unsure. 

Americans are clearly unified in opposing a one-party state. This comes at a time when there’s heightened political polarization. 

This same poll found that 39% of likely US voters believe Democrats are more responsible for dividing the country, wheras 35% believe Republicans are more culpable. 24% stated that both parties have an equal hand in fostering divisions in the country. 

19% of Democrat voters and  6% of Republican voters believe that the US would be better off as a one-party state. Similarly, only 8% of independent voters expressed similar views. 71% of Republican voters, 64% of Democrat voters, and 78% independent voters are opposed to the concept of a one-party state. 

63% of Republican voters believe Democrats are more culpable  for generating political divisions in America whereas 53% of Democrat voters believe Republicans are more responsible for causing these divisions. Among independent voters, 30% indicated that Democrats are more culpable for fomenting divisions in the country, while 33% blame Republicans more and 32% indicated that both parties share an equal role in causing divisions in the country. 

40% of white voters, 27% of black voters, and 42% of other non-black minorities indicated that Democrats are more to blame for making the US become more polarized. 37% of white voters, 35% of black voters, and 27% of other non-black minorities pinned the blame more on Republicans for causing divisions in the nation. Whites are less likely than black voters or other non-black minorities to believe a one-party state in the US would be a better alternative to the current system. 

As far as income earners are concerned, individuals making $200,000 annually are the most likely demographic to indicate that Republicans are more to blame for sparking divisions in the nation. Voters making below $50,000 annually are more likely to blame Democrats for the country’s escalating divisions. 

Despite the media brainwashing, Americans still have solid instincts when it comes to basic political freedom. They understand that a one-party would be inimical to the preservation of liberties in the country.

However, political elites view things differently. They want to use mass migration and election tampering to guarantee that a pro-globalist party has monolithic control of US politics, thereby ushering in an era of multicultural totalitarianism.

The only way to stop this is for nationalists to completely take power in American politics.

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